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I have attended several of the luncheons hosted by the (Re)Inspire Network, and have been enriched by the idea of getting church leadership together to learn and to share. I personally receive encouragement from the fellowship generated among the many church organizations that attend. The food is great, but it is made so much more nourishing by the company of men and women who come together in the name of the Lord, and meet each other in an atmosphere of love and respect. (Remove?) For the past 20+ years, I have seen Hampton Roads as a place where churches selfishly guard their members, reject others not of their denomination, and are suspicious of other churches outside of their own. With the example set by (Re)Inspire Network, I see hope for this region. We can work together, and learn to serve the Lord and each other without jealousy and suspicion. That alone makes it easier for me to continue working for the Lord in my little corner of ministry.

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