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Meaning of the Name

Seeking to Ensure that Every Pastor Thrives in Ministry and Life.

What does the name (Re)Inspire Network mean?

1. Re: “Return to previous condition”


  • Restore
  • Renew
  • Reinvent
  • Reinspire

2. Inspire: “To be breathed in…”

  • Of all of creation, only humans can be inspired.
  • Only humans can “take a breath and change their direction.”
  • Inspiration is a dream, with an intent, that causes an action to fulfill a dream. (Maxwell)
  • God breathed: “breath of life into the man’s nostrils” Gen 2:7
  • Jesus breathed: “Receive the Holy Spirit” John 20:22

3. Network: “A group or system of interconnected people”


  • Association
  • Exchange Ideas
  • Support System
  • Training
  • Encouragement

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