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Seeking to Ensure that Every Pastor Thrives in Ministry and Life.

Dr. Joel Palser

Chaplain and Vice President of Ministry Relations, The Christian Broadcasting Network

Dave Kleffman convenes significant conversations with pastor leaders. I’ve watched him do it for years, he even makes it look easy. Dave listens well, he hears what pastors are saying, and he cares. That is just who he is, “a brother… to help in time of need,” Prov. 17:17b (NLT). Few people have both the credentials, and gifting, to serve leaders, from my observation after 20 years at the Christian Broadcasting Network. Dave Kleffman has the proven heart/will, and strategic skills, to make a significant contribution among today’s Christian leadership. Look to him and the (Re)Inspire Network for practical solutions that are comprehensively biblical, not slogans. I commend him as a brother in the Lord, with the certainty that his w-o-r-k among pastor leaders is going to have enormous dividends.

Adrian Woodard

Founding/Lead Pastor, Favor Nation Church, Chesapeake Virginia

If you are a new pastor or church planting, (Re)Inspire is a godsend. You could spend days trying to find the right answers and solutions or just make one call. Dave Kleffman, is uniquely gifted in connecting you with the resources and support you need to both build and sustain the vision to which God has called you. Whether your needs are mentoring, idea sharing, or legal advice (Re)Inspire is a difference maker that lives up to its name.

Dr. Carlos Campo

President, Ashland University (Ohio)

Pastors pour out until they are often empty, vulnerable, and many succumb to physical, spiritual or moral collapse. The (Re)Inspire Network, with steady leadership from a proven man of God like Dave Kleffman, promises to be a source of life and hope for ministers everywhere.

Dale Butler

Lead Pastor, First Church of the Nazarene, Pompano Beach, FL

If you’ve been in a ministerial vocation for more than 10 minutes, you know that you don’t have all that it takes to finish the task that God has called you to. This is why a ministry like this is so vitally important to the health of THE church. I’ve known Dave for a very long time, and I know that he has a heart for pastors and their families. He’s prayed for me, listened to me and been there for me. I trust him. I am confident that God will use the (Re)Inspire Network to encourage, empower, and equip pastors and their families.

Dr. Antipas Harris

Author, Professor, Preacher, Public Theologian

I have had the pleasure of working closely with David Kleffman. He is a disciplined and strategic worker with a sincere heart for Jesus. He loves the church and obviously has an anointing upon his life to support pastors. He has built an amazing network of pastors. His passion for caring for pastors is contagious. Dave is a family man, an innovative leader and a great friend. I look forward to see how the Lord will guide the (Re)Inspire Network

Dan Smith

Founding/Lead Pastor, UNITED Church, Gallatin, Tennessee

I believe a major pitfall in ministry is isolation. The enemy uses this tactic to divide and conquer. As pastors, we counsel people in many areas of life. But who does the pastor go to? With whom can the pastor share his/her struggles? I believe a confidential ministry designed to break isolation and empower pastors is much needed. I have known Dave for many years, and his passion to help people has always been apparent. No doubt, he and Jenny are going to empower pastors to thrive in their calling.

Dr. Eric Buell

Community & Connections Pastor, Rio Valley Church, McAllen, TX

A recent article in a major Christian publication shed light on “The Friendless Pastor”. As the church becomes more marginalized in the US, the need for pastors and church leaders to have somewhere to turn and someone to talk to is greater now more than ever. As a missionary and pastor for more than twenty years and also being the brother of a pastor, I can honestly say, pastors need friends. Dave and Jenny Kleffman have seen the need and are responding in the most appropriate way – by showing love and understanding and also providing a network of help for pastors. I’ve known Dave for more than thirty years. This is part of his DNA, to help those who struggle. I’m excited to see what the future holds for (Re)Inspire and the leaders they seek to assist.

Brett Smith

Director of Administration, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, Virginia

As someone who spent 15 years in pastoral ministry, I can say unequivocally that pastors need the (Re)inspire Network. Although there are incredible moments of joy, healing, and life transformation, there is another side to pastoral ministry. To shepherd a flock is a huge responsibility that can slowly but surely drain every bit of energy, patience, grace, and compassion one has if they are not careful. And although God is in control and there for us, pastors can often feel like they are failing…as leaders, teachers, husbands, and fathers. Add to that the incredible sense of loneliness some pastors experience when they have no one to talk to about these challenges. Dave & Jenny Kleffman have an incredible heart for pastors and their families. I’m so excited to see how God might use this much needed ministry to impact the future of pastoral ministry.

Gene Painter

Director of Ministry Relations, The Family Foundation of Virginia

The challenges of ministry are numerous and certainly can be formidable to those seeking to be the hand and heart of Christ to their communities. In the call to service, a pastor often sacrifices time with family and time for personal reflection for the awesome responsibility of leading a church. Unfortunately, this can create periods of weariness, self-doubt and isolation. I was so excited to learn of the creation of the (Re)Inspire Network and the substantive mission of this outreach. I have known Dave Kleffman for several years and I have always been impressed with his passion and thoughtfulness for the mission and call of the local church. His desire to “minister to the ministers” is something so needed in our culture today. I enthusiastically offer my support and prayers to this endeavor.

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