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Alarming Stats

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*Alarming Statistics about Pastoral Ministry

  • 30% have had an extramarital affair
  • 50% have wives that feel entering ministry was destructive to their marriage
  • 50% have marriages that end in divorce
  • 57% would leave the ministry if they could
  • 70% are burned out and continually think of leaving the ministry
  • 70% do not have close friends
  • 71% battle depression
  • 75% feel their seminary training did not help them lead or counsel in the church
  • 80% of seminary graduates will leave the ministry within five years
  • 90% feel unqualified or poorly prepared for the ministry
  • 94% have families that feel the pressure of ministry
  • 100% have at least one friend who has left the ministry due to burnout, church conflict or moral failure

*Sources: Focus on the Family, Fuller Seminary, Barna Group, Scheaffer Institute, Pastorburnout.com

Note: Statistics are from specific research samples and may not always reflect the national average in all cases.

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